Commercial Real Estate Podcast

Dive into the heart of Canadian commercial real estate with The CRE Podcast. Hosted by Adam Powadiuk and Aaron Cameron, the show brings you directly into insightful discussions with industry leaders, offering insights into market trends and innovative strategies in Canada's real estate sector. It's your essential guide for real-time industry knowledge and expertise.
Adam Powadiuk
Assistant Vice President of Commercial Financing at First National

"The better the project does, the better the outcome. The greater the return for the person taking the most risk in the investment in the first place."

Aaron Cameron
Vice President at First National Financial

"All of our leaders today across all of the real estate, they all had that 1990s experience, which is great. It prepared you for protecting yourself, and not getting too far over your skis."

There is a very real gap in the media coverage of commercial real estate in general, and it’s no different in podcasting. This podcast provides great insight into all facets of real estate and is a great listen for anyone interested or involved at all in the industry. As a CRE professional based in the US I don’t even mind the Canada-centric focus. Keep up the great content and insight.
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