What we do

We make clients happy by taking action, operating effectively, and focusing on the growth of their audience, business, and ourselves.

We start and grow the world's most profitable podcasts for growth focused B2B businesses. We define strategy, find and book guests, train your host, produce the audio, promote the show, and much more!

We do all the work.

You get all the fame.

What we do

Our podcast process


During the first month, we learn all about you, your business, and the other podcasts in your niche. We then propose the positioning of the show - as well as the episode structure - with the aim of becoming the most downloaded podcast in that niche within six months.

Once approved, we design the visual and written identity of the podcast, define the Guest Persona and start the process of booking guests for the first episodes!

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With a few episodes under our belt, we then move into the launch phase. We develop the audio identity of the podcast and pull some of the best parts of the first interviews into a trailer.

We'll finalise the edit for the trailer and the first three episodes, launch through all twelve major podcast directories, have the guests share, execute a communications strategy, boost with a little paid spend, and promote the show into the relevant online communities!

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Once launched, we release episodes on a regular schedule and start improving each part of the process.

We find even better guests, tweak episode content, test better methods of promotion, build a listener conversion strategy and, most importantly, we determine the best process for building the relationship with each guest with the goal of converting them into an advocate, partner or customer!

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Happy clients

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Alex Inman and Robert Cireddu
"This is absolutely the best (and most cost-effective) solution on the market! Though I don't want you to raise prices on me, I believe the value you create FAR [FAR FAR] exceeds the investment. Honestly, I think you're leaving money on the table..."

Ryan Hogan

Ryan Hogan