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We do

We start and grow the world's most profitable podcasts for growth focussed B2B businesses. We define strategy, find and book guests, train the host, produce the audio, promote the podcast and much more.

Step 1: Strategy

During the first month, we learn about you, your business and the other podcasts in your niche. We then propose a podcast niche and audio content strategy with the aim of becoming the most downloaded podcast in that niche within six months.

Once approved, we design the visual and written identity of the podcast, define the Guest Persona and will start the process of booking guests for the show.

See Example ⟶

Step 2: Launch

With a few episodes under our belt, we then move into the launch phase. We develop the audio identity of the podcast and pull out the best parts of the first interviews into a trailer.

We finalise the edit the trailer and the first three episodes and then launch through all twelve major podcast directories, have the guests share, execute a communications strategy and promote into relevant online communities.

See Example ⟶

Step 3: Grow

Once launched we release episodes on a regular schedule and start improving each aspect of the operation.

We find better guests, better methods of promotion, build a listener conversion strategy and most importantly, we determine the best process for building the relationship with each guest with the goal of converting each guest into an advocate, partner or customer.

See Example ⟶





Tom and the team are on top of their game. Always willing to listen and come up with suggestions to improve the podcast, the audience and the reach.

Greg Demetrio
CEO @ Lorraine Gregory Communications

B2B Podcasting
Done Right

If you have a B2B business and want to generate more leads whilst building authority in a specific niche... then we strongly suggest that you click the button to the right, enter your details, and we'll get back to you with a proposal within 48 hours.