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0-140k Downloads: A 7 Part Series

We grew a client podcast from zero to 140,000 downloads per month in 6 months.

Now you can do the same πŸ‘‡

For the past 6 months, with the help of the awesome growth team at Rupa Health, we have been growing a podcast called: The Root Cause Medicine Podcast.

It started small, but now has grown to 140k downloads per month and now ranks at #5 (and increasing!) in the Medicine Category in Apple Podcasts in the US:

Downloads as tracked by bCast since October 2021

Rankings in US Apple Podcasts since October 2021

Most podcasts don't get past 1,000 downloads per month, let alone 140,000 downloads per month, and typically this is because they don't have a clear strategy that is executed consistently over time.

Now that we’ve refined our process for growing podcasts from scratch, and proved its effectiveness with The Root Cause Medicine Podcast,
we’re releasing an awesome seven part email series that will walk you through this exact process, so you can do the same.

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