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Meet Fame
A growth-focused team of global audio, video and marketing ninjas. We...
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    Are the largest producer of B2B podcasts in the world (over 100 shows at any one time)

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    Live and breathe B2B marketing, demand generation, demand creation, building pipeline... you get the picture 📸

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    Rapidly iterate new guest outreach, production and promotion strategies, bringing you better results, faster

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    Are collectively responsible for millions of podcast downloads

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    Love this stuff so much that we built our own podcast writing AI: Abney and podcast hosting software: bCast

What we do
✅ We build our own, custom software: bCast & Abney.
❌ They use white-labelled solutions or other providers.
✅ We've sculpted our B2B podcast process over multiple years.
❌ They don't have one.
✅ We only do B2B podcasts.
❌ They do a big list of things.
✅ We're marketers that podcast.
❌ They're podcasters that try to market.
✅ We make you more money.
❌ They try to win audio editing awards.
✅ We focus on getting you results.
❌ They go to podcast trade shows.
Alex Inman and Robert Cireddu
"This is absolutely the best (and most cost-effective) solution on the market! Though I don't want you to raise prices on me, I believe the value you create FAR [FAR FAR] exceeds the investment. Honestly, I think you're leaving money on the table..."

Ryan Hogan

Ryan Hogan

Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should you ask a podcast production company?

First, you need to understand how they take random audio files and convert this into an addictive piece of audio content. Then you need to understand how else they may help you leverage your investment in podcasting to grow your business.

This is where most podcast production companies fall flat on their face. Most are audio nerds that don't understand how business works. Fame was started by marketers that leverage audio content to achieve business results... there is a BIG difference.

Check out this blog post for more on how to choose your ideal podcast production company.

What is a podcast production company?

A podcast production company is a group of people that (ideally!) love podcasts and are very good and turning an idea for a show... into reality.

How much do podcast production companies charge?

A good podcast production company would charge anywhere between $500 and $5,000 per episode depending on the episode structure and the level of support required. Fame's pricing lies in the middle of this range, but alongside production... we like to do everything else: strategy, project management, guest communication, guest booking and of course, promotion :)

What are your podcast production services?

We have one single podcast process that has been honed with over one hundred different podcasts over the past three years. It includes the full production of your podcast from idea to finding guests to editing to background music to voiceovers to promotion. We handle everything, you just host the episodes ;)

Who buys podcast production services?

Producing a podcast on your own is possible, though when you start... you will realise the amount of work required to produce an average podcast is astonishing.

Producing a podcast that will make your perfect audience wake up each morning and refresh their Google Podcasts feed in anticipation for your next episode... requires a team of professionals.

Why do I need a podcast production company?

As per the point above, if you want to start a podcast, please go ahead and get stuck in. Maybe you will be able to produce something amazing, in which case - we will try and hire you :)If you want someone else to handle it, click "Get Proposal" below.

What are the benefits of podcast production?

You run a business. You are responsible for producing an amazing product or service for your customers and also finding those customers profitably. You should not be responsible for creating, editing and producing a podcast. Leave that to the professionals.

How much do you charge for podcast production?

We charge between $2,500 and $5,000 per month to start and grow your podcast. We are responsible for the strategy, design, finding guests, production, editing and promotion.

B2B Podcasting Done Right

If you have a B2B business and want to generate a more qualified pipeline whilst becoming famous in your specific niche, then we strongly encourage you to click the button to the right, enter your details, and we'll get back to you with a proposal in a few hours!