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Meet Fame
A growth-focused team of global audio, video and marketing ninjas. We...
  • 1

    Are the largest producer of B2B podcasts in the world (over 100 shows at any one time)

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    Live and breathe B2B marketing, demand generation, demand creation, building pipeline... you get the picture πŸ“Έ

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    Rapidly iterate new guest outreach, production and promotion strategies, bringing you better results, faster

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    Are collectively responsible for millions of podcast downloads

  • 5

    Love this stuff so much that we built our own podcast writing AI: Abney and podcast hosting software: bCast

What we do
βœ… We build our own, custom software: bCast & Abney.
❌ They use white-labelled solutions or other providers.
βœ… We've sculpted our B2B podcast process over multiple years.
❌ They don't have one.
βœ… We only do B2B podcasts.
❌ They do a big list of things.
βœ… We're marketers that podcast.
❌ They're podcasters that try to market.
βœ… We make you more money.
❌ They try to win audio editing awards.
βœ… We focus on getting you results.
❌ They go to podcast trade shows.
Alex Inman and Robert Cireddu
"This is absolutely the best (and most cost-effective) solution on the market! Though I don't want you to raise prices on me, I believe the value you create FAR [FAR FAR] exceeds the investment. Honestly, I think you're leaving money on the table..."

Ryan Hogan

Ryan Hogan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we work with you over someone else?

We are the largest producer of B2B podcasts in the world (over 100 shows at any one time). This allows us to rapidly iterate new guest outreach, production and promotion strategies, bringing you better results, faster.

Fame is also the only podcast agency (that we know of!) that is accountable for 10% month-on-month download growth of all client shows.

In fact, we are so confident in our ability to deliver growth, that if we don’t hit an average of 10% monthly download growth over the first six months, you get the seventh month free. πŸ“ˆ

What does a podcast agency do?

Great question - in short, we believe that a podcast agency is responsible for starting and growing a podcast for their client. In most cases the client will host the podcast, with the agency doing everything else in the background: defining strategy, production, design, finding guests, editing and promoting the podcast.

How do you work with clients?

By doing all the work πŸ€“

We believe that if Fame can take on the majority of the work for a podcast, this is good in two ways:

First, it saves you (the client) time, and therefore allows you to be strategic about the podcast and all of the other projects you are responsible for.

Second, it allows us to be accountable for the results, we set a 10% month on month download goal for all client shows and we have been known to put our own ad budget behind client shows in order to ensure we hit this goal.

Who will host the podcast?

This will be someone from your (the client's) business, as we want to make someone from your business famous, not us. It is typically someone with subject matter expertise and solid soft skills, this could be a founder/CEO, head of marketing, head of customer service or someone from the sales team.

Don't worry, we teach the host everything they need to know to perform awesome podcast interviews... Our founder Tom, recently released a private podcast sharing how to do exactly that.

How many podcasts does Fame run?

We are currently producing and growing approximately 100 client podcasts and this increases by roughly 5-7 podcasts per month.

How will I get an ROI?

When most people start a podcast, they look to generate an ROI by engaging and influencing listeners. This is great, and it works. But actually, in the short term, we have found that you are more likely to generate an ROI from your podcast through building relationships with guests. If you choose to bring guests onto your podcast that you could work with, you will find that partnerships will be formed and/or deals will be closed.

If we can prove that short-term ROI can be generated on the guest side, then we can continue to invest in building out the show and growing the audience which will result in ROI being generated from listeners, which we typically track through self-reported attribution (SRA) on our client's main call to action.

How will I/my business get famous?

People get famous by creating really good content within a niche and then being seen around other famous people in that niche. Taylor Swift first did this in country music and now pop.

We create consistently great content over an extended period of time (your podcast), and we ensure you are seen around other famous people in your niche (your guests). This is the way anyone ever has become famous.

This is exactly what we do for you with our B2B podcast process...

How will we work together?

Pre-launch, we will meet weekly to strategise on the concept, positioning, production and design of the show. We aim to launch in weeks four to six, then we will switch to bi-weekly meetings where we will report back on guests, progress and the 7 different metrics we are accountable for growing.

Who will I work with?

Up to our first ten clients... our founder Tom Hunt was the "account manager". Now this isn't possible so we have hired more account management legends that will be responsible for the success of your podcast.

Each client has a dedicated account manager and project manager. The account manager is responsible for the success of your podcast and your happiness, and the project manager works behind the scenes to ensure everything happens on time.

Each client will also interface with an account director and the head of account management.

How much does it cost?

We charge a monthly subscription between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on the number of podcast episodes released per month (this typically ranges from two to four) and the activities we are responsible for.

Where are you based?

Our team is 100% remote. Though our core team is based in the United Kingdom, we have team members spread out around the US, specifically: Nashville, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Antonio, Miami, Austin, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Jacksonville, Fort Worth, Colombus, Indianapolis, Charlotte, San Francisco, Denver, Washington, Nashville, Oklahoma City, St Louis, Boston, El Paso, Las Vegas, Portland, Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis and Atlanta.

We have team members in 13 different countries and counting 🌎 😍

How do you promote podcasts?

We have spent years honing our podcast promotion process, we like to call it the 7 Pillars of Podcast Promotion:

πŸ‘‰ Pillar 1: Video/Audio/Written SEO

πŸ‘‰ Pillar 2: Content Syndication

πŸ‘‰ Pillar 3: Guest Sharing

πŸ‘‰ Pillar 4: Partnerships/Communities

πŸ‘‰ Pillar 5: Paid Platforms

πŸ‘‰ Pillar 6: Paid Podcasts

πŸ‘‰ Pillar 7: Cold Email

Do you do video?

Yes, we typically see a podcast that records and releases video experiences a 10-20% increase in downloads (we count views as downloads!) and subscribers... and therefore have concluded that it is worth the extra effort to record and produce video content in order for your show to grow faster πŸ“ˆ

How long does it take to launch?

4-6 weeks.

If you have nothing... e.g. no idea for the show, then this will be closer to 6 weeks. If you have a name and theme prepped, then it will be closer to 4.

Booking the first guests is often a cause of delay, and therefore we like to rely on guests within our or your network for the first ones.

Do you find guests? If yes, then how?


Finding great guests is crucial for the growth (and profitability) of a podcast. We support 60-70% of clients with guest sourcing.

We can either do this by acting as the host, through their Linkedin profile... or by email and other methods as Fame "the podcast producer".

Do you train our host?


Retention is the foundation of growth... and the best way to retain listeners is by creating better audio content and a crucial factor of podcast quality is the ability of the host.

So if we are responsible for growing your show (which we will be!) then it is within our interest to improve your host ;)

B2B Podcasting Done Right

If you have a B2B business and want to generate a more qualified pipeline whilst becoming famous in your specific niche, then we strongly encourage you to click the button to the right, enter your details, and we'll get back to you with a proposal in a few hours!