Transforming Medical Communications

Transforming Medical Communications

by MedComms Experts

Medical affairs and communications need to catch-up. The field is being left in the dust by the cutting edge methods and practices in other industries. We’re going to change that. On Transforming Medical Communications we talk to the biggest and brightest names in medical affairs to find out what they’re doing to push our industry forwards and build for the future. If you’re looking for actionable insights into cutting edge developments in the world of medical communications, hit subscribe and watch out for future episodes.
Wesley Portegies
CEO and Founder at MedComms Experts

“Innovative content formats are the key to unlocking more dynamic and impactful field interactions with HCPs and KOLs, and a successful rollout requires MSL buy-in and the right content.”

Been listening to this podcast and it’s so insightful! Can’t wait to hear more from Wesley
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