Retail Media Moguls

Retail Media Moguls

by Platform 195

Welcome to The Retail Media Moguls podcast hosted by Stuart Adamson and brought to you by Platform 195. Join us as we connect you with thought leaders in the retail media industry. We aim to make the podcast your go-to source for all aspects of the industry, including current and future trends and how companies can leverage retail media presence for accelerated growth. Put up your feet, grab a cup of your favourite brew, and learn how to turn your audience into customers.
Stuart Adamson
Founder and CEO at Platform 195

“Platform 195 connects award-winning retail media solutions with intelligent marketing to drive measurable impact for retailers, their suppliers, brands, and start-ups. We help transform supplier and partner marketing into a cutting-edge media business by combining specialists with data and cutting-edge technology.”

I love listening to The Retail Media Moguls podcast! Stuart Adamson is a great host :)
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