Empowered Leadership by Alexandra Reese

Welcome to Empowered Leadership with Alexandra Reese. Join me in candid conversations with exemplary leaders from diverse backgrounds, as we explore what it takes to build an organization, life, and legacy you love and to do it all with confidence, ease, and joy. Tune in where you will hear contrarian perspectives that propel your growth, cutting-edge insights and resources to uplevel your leadership and impact.
Alexandra Reese
Co-Founder and CEO of SuperWorld

“I used to think data has all the answers, but it turns out people don’t make decisions just because the data says it’s a good idea, which ultimately led me into organizational development work. I wanted to learn how to do the ‘people’ process side.”

Thoughtful Discussions with Remarkable Leaders Leadership is difficult, and Alexandra explores topics that challenge many of today’s leaders with grace, humor and endless curiosity. Alexandra teases out nugget after nugget of positive approaches to self-development and team/organization development that leaves you wanting more time with her guests!
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