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Fame B2B Podcasting Tip 004 - Differentiation

This week's tip is a big one - the #1 rule in podcasting.

The #1 thing that defines the success or failure of a podcast is simply this:

How are you different or better for a specific group of people?

Maybe you only ask specific types of questions, maybe you focus on a very specific niche, maybe you only interview three people at a time… it can be anything as long as it makes you different or better for a specific group of people.

If you are VERY certain about this… then you will double your chances of succeeding.

Even if your podcast is already live, then perfect... still do this exercise and then focus harder on your differentiating factors.

People say that podcasting is getting too saturated, and they're right. Saturated with "same old" podcasts that don't add anything new to their niche and the world.

The opportunity STILL exists for those willing to add something new to the world of podcasting ;)

If you want to increase downloads... don't go out and spam more communities, look inwards and ask yourself the question:

How is my podcast different or better for a specific group of people?

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