June 11, 2024

The 17 Best Podcast Production Agencies (And Why Should You Hire One)

Tom Hunt

Podcasting is blowing up.

Podcast ad revenues are expected to surpass $2 billion by 2023 and according to some figures, there are more than 850,000 podcasts and around 30 million podcast episodes currently live in 2022.

To support this growth... a number of podcast agencies are popping up.

Before we jump into your different options, let's learn more about what a podcast agency is and does.

What is a podcast agency?

A podcast agency is a business that builds and promotes podcasts for other businesses and... they could be seen as a sub-niche within content marketing. For businesses, it makes sense to create content around a specific niche, build relationships with guests and create valuable content for your potential buyers.

Doing this, will both add value to your ideal buyers whilst also building their trust, so when they do come round to need your product or service... they come to you 💰

To sum up, a podcast production company is responsible for the strategy, audio production, finding guests, audio editing and promotion of a podcast. In short, they are responsible for making a client podcast successful.

This leads us to the next question...

What defines a successful podcast?

The obvious answer here is growth.

Growth in downloads, subscribers and listeners. This is the best metric for a B2C podcast, where you need to reach as many people as you can as quickly as you can, as the value of each listener to your business may be below $100, depending on what you sell.

In the B2B world, things are different...

The value of a single listener could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. And therefore 1 listener can have a big impact on the bottom line of the business. This means that a B2B podcast could have just a few hundred listeners, yet still be wildly successful for a B2B company.

In B2B, we can also define the success of the podcast by the relationships formed with listeners and guests, which could lead to profit for the business.

Thus, a podcast agency is responsible for audience growth in B2C, but for both relationships with guests and audience growth for B2B.

What are the different types of podcast agencies?

There are actually a whole host (pun intended!) of different types of podcast agencies with slightly different focuses:

  • Podcast production agencies: focus on creating awesome audio content for podcasts
  • Podcast advertising agencies: focus on helping your business grow through advertising on podcasts
  • Podcast editing agencies: focus on editing podcast episodes
  • Podcast marketing agencies: focus on either building podcasts to market your business or marketing your business through other podcasts
  • Podcast booking agencies: focus on booking you or someone else in your business onto other podcasts as a guest
  • Podcast promotion agencies: focus on helping you promote your podcast

The list below incorporates mainly podcast production, editing and promotion agencies. These are the businesses that can help you start, produce and grow a podcast over time.

What does a podcast agency do?

Typically a podcast agency will take on responsibility for your podcast. They will help you define the positioning of the show, help you find guests, help you with visual and audio design, help your prepare for interviews, produce and edit the content and then grow your show.

Why should a business hire a podcast agency?

Typically, in-house teams do not have the expertise to build and grow a podcast. Often, it is more cost-effective to work with an agency that has this expertise and can bring learnings from all of their other client projects.

In-house teams often discover the immense volume of time and attention that starting and growing a podcast can take once they attempt to start producing a show.

It is often beneficial to take this work off the plate of in-house resources to enable them to be more strategic around the podcast and all the other projects they are working on.

Zooming out... the job of a business is to get REALLY good at making their customers happy, through the use of a product or service. Arguably, the majority of the energy of a business should be invested in the cause... not in working out how to make Apple Podcasts update from their RSS feed. And yes, you may have a marketing team to do this, but often it will be more cost-effective to bring in experts from an external business to set up and run this for you, so you can focus on the important stuff 😝

How do you hire a podcast agency?

We have researched and found 16 top podcast agencies for you to choose from... this should save you approximately 30 minutes of Googling so you can get started with your podcast faster.

We recommend reaching out to those that best suit your needs, jumping on a call to then understand what they will provide, for what cost... and then investigating their other work to see if you believe they will be able to produce a podcast that you and your business will be proud of 🤓

Let’s get into it...

The 17 Best Podcast Agencies

1. Fame

And of course... we couldn't build a list of podcast agencies including the OG of B2B podcast production.

You see, most podcast agencies start when the founders have experience in radio or producing podcasts... and this is great as the founding team has the ability to create great audio. The only issue here is that these agencies can't actually help grow a business.

The Fame founding team are marketers. Marketers with a passion for growth, coffee and audio content.

Fame focuses on B2B podcasting and provides a completely "done for you service" that includes guest sourcing, project management, production and promotion.

Fame is the only agency that sets 10% month-on-month download goals for all client podcasts... and if this isn't hit during the first 6 months, then the 7th month comes completely free. Check out case studies and results here.

Fame also build their own software tools to help their clients grow: bCast (podcast hosting for high growth podcasts) and Abney (the fastest and most accurate way to produce written assets from your podcast).

2. JAR Audio

JAR is a podcast production and marketing agency. They are a collaborative team of storytellers, marketers, strategists and data analysts. We help enterprise brands and organizations build relationships with desired audience segments by creating podcasts that listeners love.

Brands come to us with a business goal in mind; increase affinity among a target demographic, position their brand as a thought leader in their area of expertise, deepen their relationship with customers, or win prospective talent. No matter the goal, the path to get there remains the same: Make a great podcast then tell people about it.

3. Brand Conversation

One of the leading podcast agencies, Brand Conversation was founded in 2012 by Richard Lancaster. The podcast production company provides a turnkey solution that can deliver, weekly or monthly podcasts designed to connect their clients with the right audience. 

This podcast agency has a proven record of helping many businesses that includes notable enterprises like Siemens, Unilever, and Land Rover. Get your podcasts recorded by the top broadcasters at the highly equipped studio in the UK!

4. Music Radio Creative

The next top podcasting agency is Music Radio Creative. The podcast agency was founded in 2004 by Izabela Russell. The company is a one-stop solution for DJ-ing, Podcasting, and radio broadcasting. Music Radio Creative is one of the pioneers of the podcasting business, providing quality services since 2004. 

Music Radio Creative specialise in audio editing. All you have to do is provide the company with raw recorded content and you receive a polished ready-to-broadcast piece of audio. Some of their satisfied customers include TEDx, Huawei, and Nescafé. 

5. Fresh Air Production

The next on our list of top podcasting agencies is Fresh Air. It was founded in 2003 and has been providing podcast production services since then, specifically in radio programming, podcasting, and podcast advertising. 

If you are looking for a turnkey solution for your company’s podcast, or want post-production to be outsourced. Fresh Air Production has a dedicated team of audio producers, marketers, and communicators striving to provide guest prepping, research, off-studio, or on-studio recording to editing and broadcasting your message to the world. 

6. Move Digital

Move Digital, founded in 2012, is among the UK-based top digital marketing agencies that provide complete marketing solutions including podcasts and brand voice to reach the right audience. The podcasting production services of the company include research, creation of content, post-production editing, finishing, and marketing the content.

The services of Move Digital are recommended due to their turnkey solution for businesses who want a hassle-free podcasting experience. The podcasting agency has a proven record of many satisfied customers including Caterpillar, London & Capital, ALDI, and LAVAZZA.

7. Podcast.co

Podcast.co is a UK-based podcasting agency founded in 2017. The process of the podcast starts with the tailored concept and strategy for your business, finding guests for your podcast using matchmaker, production, recording, editing, marketing, and distribution of your very own podcast. 

The podcast production services and flexibility of choice offered by Podcast.co is the reason why businesses should hire this podcast agency. Some happy customers include Fame House, Samsung Next, LUYA, and Co-op.

8. ThirtySeven

ThirtySeven is headquartered in Berkshire. The podcasting services offered by the company include marketing and advertising podcasts by storytelling expert journalists. Other services provided by the firm include web development, blog, and content creation, and search engine optimization. 

The success stories of ThirtySeven’s clients are reasons to recommend ThirtySeven for your next marketing podcast advertisement. Some happy customers include Brain Power, Lincoln College, and Every Angle.

9. Listening Dog Media

Listening Dog Media are a full-service and fully flexible podcast production agency in the UK whose range of clients include sporting legends, celebrity parents, political influencers & entrepreneurs. We cater to everyone and we're there every step of the way through the podcast production journey.

10. Burst Marketing

Burst Marketing is also among the pioneering podcast agencies providing turnkey solutions for podcasts from creation to distribution and marketing. The podcasting agency has delivered more than 5 million podcast downloads since 2004. 

Burst Marketing has satisfied many customers that include big corporations and small businesses including Denver, The Colorado Health Foundation, Heineken, and The Case Foundation. 

11. TPC

TPC is among the top podcast agencies in the UK dedicated to providing a one-in-all podcasting solution for businesses since 2008. Providing a hosting account, RSS feed on Apple, Spotify, etc. and whole production and distribution of podcasts in all industries are some specialities of TPC. 

The podcast production company should be hired for their flexible solutions and services at any stage of podcast pre-production to post-production. Some of their happy clients of TPC include Hewlett Packard, NHS, The Art Council, and Aviva.

12. 4DC

4DC is a broadcast media agency that claims itself to be the world’s first end-to-end strategic podcast consultancy. Entered in podcasting and broadcasting at the end of 2018, the podcasting agency is striving to harness and get strong footings in the podcasting industry by giving a packaged podcast solution, just tailored to your business needs. 

The company should be hired because they use the most advanced technologies, and strategic storytelling to help you reach just the right audience. You can choose from three different tiers of services according to your needs, or just set a call to discuss your tailored solution.

13. Listen Entertainment

Another podcast production company that provides the whole podcasting experience from strategy to distribution packaged in one solution. Listen is a UK-based podcasting agency founded in 2019, helping businesses from all industries to have a voice and ensure that it reaches the right audience. Listen Entertainment team provides one package of podcasting, as well as consultancy and services for any stage of the podcasting process.

14. Beacon Digital Marketing

Beacon Digital Marketing is a B2B podcast agency that helps businesses to reach the right audience of business executives and VPs. the services of Beacon Digital Marketing involve creating to branding the podcasts. The company believes that podcasting building is just like blog content.

As a B2B business looking for a podcasting solution that covers all the aspects, Beacon Digital Marketing provides you with tailored solutions or choices from their packaging tiers.

15. Sweet Fish Media

A podcast agency started by James Carbary in 2015. This podcast production company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida with a team of 50 employees that focus on the business side of podcasting. Their process focuses on building relationships with guests that could lead to deals or partnerships being formed.

16. Quill Podcast Agency

Quill is an industry-leading podcast production agency. Working with some of the largest brands in North America and reaching a global audience for their clients, they produce content that’s results-oriented, engaging, and entertaining.

Quill is a full-service podcast agency that makes it easy for brands and publishers to create, launch and grow successful podcasts.

Quill also owns CoHost, an advanced podcast analytics and audience insights platform.

17. Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting was founded by Ben Krueger over a decade ago and is the top podcast partner for business owners and industry leaders looking to grow their authority in their industry.

With streamlined production, a personal guide and a step-by-step plan, Cashflow will help you get the thriving podcast you've been trying to build all along. And with a one-on-one coach, you won't feel left in the dark about next steps or content ideas.

And there we go... that is the list of the best podcast agencies in the world. We hope you found this useful and that it sped up the process for you and your business to create a podcast.

Of course, if you are a B2B business and want someone to do ALL the work to start and grow your podcast for you... simply click on and fill out the "Get Proposal" button on the top right of this post and we will get back to you in 24 hours with a custom proposal and some ideas on the positioning of your show 🚀

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