March 7, 2024

B2B Podcast Production Services: What Should You Be Looking For?

Tom Hunt

The last 3 years have seen an explosion in the number of podcasts being produced and the audience figures they’re attracting. The amount of people listening to podcasts in the U.S. has grown from 55% in 2020 to 62% in 2022, which means over 200 million people are listening to Podcasts in the United States alone.

One of the biggest growth sectors in that time has been B2B podcasts, largely as a result of growing awareness of what a podcast can do for brand growth as well as the global pandemic and the effect it’s had on direct communication within certain industries.

Taking all this into consideration you might be thinking that now is the best time to launch your own B2B podcast. But before you do that you should ask yourself three questions:

  1. How much of my time will it take up?
  2. How much effort will I have to put in?
  3. How do I get started?

If the answers to these questions include words like “too much” or “I have no idea” your best bet is to work with an existing full-service podcast production agency.

Why should I use a full-service agency?

Simply put, full-service agencies and podcast production services can carry the weight of creating almost everything to do with your podcast after only a few short meetings, taking away a lot of the stress and pressure of creating something relevant and interesting to your industry.

Full-service agencies are also packed with creative, enthusiastic podcast professionals who will help you outline what a podcast can do for your business or brand, what the ultimate goal of the podcast is and generate a core theme that you can begin to build from.

What extras can I get from full-service agencies?

Agencies also help you with the other elements people have come to expect from their audio content these days. While it’s important to get the basics right, such as talking about industry-relevant topics in a clear and engaging way, the aspect that will help you stand out from your competition is the extra content you can provide your audience with.

Elements such as visually interesting branding, social media posts and engagement, video content creation, blog posts, transcripts, special live episodes, giveaways, product discount codes, sponsorships, and bonus episodes are all increasingly common features of the podcasting world. It’s no longer enough to just monologue and expect people to flock to your content; you have to give them more to get them fully invested in your content and your message.

How can I find some of the well-known agencies?

When it comes to industry insider knowledge, word of mouth never fails! Ask anyone you know that has worked with a podcast agency in the past and they’ll be able to give you the inside track on full-service agencies and podcast production services.]

LinkedIn is another valuable source of information as most of the top agencies post regularly about their successes and the shifting landscape of the podcast industry. Finding a company that posts information and ideas that you connect with is a sure-fire way to know if they’ll be good to work with.

Of course, you do also have the option of a good old-fashioned Google search, although these won’t tell you anything about the organization's reputation or, most of the time, their specific area of expertise.

If you’re still unsure how to find them here’s a list of the best podcast agencies and what they can offer you:


Fame is a full-service, globally distributed group of audio, design and marketing geeks that love: sound quality, copywriting, social engagement, Slack emoji’s and coffee. They have worked with clients to create dozens of high-quality B2B Podcasts including The Money Movement by Circle, The Art of Social Media by SocialPilot, and CFO Weekly by Personiv. They have a record of producing high-quality podcasts quickly, at incredibly affordable rates. They are the name for good B2B podcast production services.


  • Established
  • Fast turn around of content creation and production
  • VERY affordable (as little as $1500 a month for everything)
  • Flexible on almost everything
  • Built-in podcast hosting platform


  • No centralized location

Podcast Labs

Podcast Labs are a full-service agency that has its own broadcast quality studio filled with 4K cameras, professional lighting and top-of-the-line microphones and audio equipment. They aim to identify a target audience and build their content strategy around them. Their podcasts include: Grow, Cook, Eat, Arrange, The Salonogy Show, and Talent Talks.


  • Have their own high-end recording studio based in Poole, UK
  • Audience focused
  • Won multiple awards


  • No mention of remote podcast recording options
  • Their focus seems to be more on the audience than the message
  • Ambiguous pricing

Resonate Recordings

On top of being yet another full-service agency Resonate is a collective of audio, creative branding, and podcasting professionals who are committed to making podcasting easier for their clients. They are also one of the few agencies to have a built-in distribution platform that’s easy to use if you want to manage it yourself.


  • Ease of use
  • Built-in distribution platform
  • Have their own well-designed software for recording and editing your podcast
  • Have their own app


  • Unclear pricing structure
  • Limited podcast launch timeline
  • Most of their products (which can add significant costs to your podcast) have free or open source alternatives that are just as easy to use

Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting has been around for 10 years and has worked with industry leaders from all over the world, including keynote speakers, financial advisors, best-selling authors and leading consultants. They offer a multitude of services to match every possible budget and production type.


  • Clear pricing (starting from a very limited plan costing $1200 a month all the way up to a comprehensive plan that covers all the bases and costs $6000 a month)
  • Years of expertise


  • Mainly focused on financial podcasts
  • “Optional Add-ons” can add as much as $325 extra per episode to the cost of your plan, if you plan on releasing weekly episodes and are on the cheapest plan this will more than double your costs


Quill is an award-winning full-service agency specializing in branded podcasts. Working with leading brands like Walmart, Expedia, PwC, and SickKids Foundation, Quill covers everything from podcast conception to marketing and measurement.

Quill also owns CoHost, a podcast analytics and audience insights tool built for brands and agencies. With CoHost, users can access deeper insights about their podcast such as which companies & industries are listening, what marketing channels are driving downloads, and how listeners are engaging with your content.


  • Owns CoHost, a podcast analytics and audience insights tool with B2B Analytics
  • Works with leading global B2B brands to create podcasts that make an impact
  • Full-service including podcast marketing and video podcasting
  • High-quality audio production and marketing


  • Enterprise-tier pricing
  • No centralized location

Will my podcast be a success?

That really depends on what you define as success and what your goals are with your podcast. If you’re looking to expand your brand or modernize and come across as a leader in your field of expertise and business, then a podcast is a sure-fire way to demonstrate your commitment to becoming an industry leader to potential clients.

If you’re looking for an immediate ROI then you need to be clear with your agency about that from the start. A lot of podcasts end up covering their costs or even making a profit through sponsorships or commercial relationships formed between your company and any guests you invite on to the show that end up working with you afterwards.

Having a podcast can be one of the best ways to establish a connection with a potential client or business partner by simply talking to them about the things they’re passionate about in a relaxed and friendly way, while also allowing them the opportunity to attract your existing audience to their brand or product.

What should I do now?

Do a little research, look into some of the agencies I’ve mentioned here and schedule a short meeting with them. Most agencies will happily break down their pricing and structure for you without any sort of formal commitment.

As long as you have a clear vision and the drive to make your podcast (and, by extension, your business) a success, there will be someone out there in a full-service agency who shares your passion and, more importantly, the skill and ability to make your vision a reality.

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