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Vince Blazer
“Educating the populace about the importance of Immunization and improving the accessibility of rural communities to vaccines”

Vince is the Director of Advocacy and Outreach at Sabin Vaccine Institute, a Vaccine Acceptance & Demand (VAD) initiative's director and a leader in building relationships with the global health advocacy community through advocacy work, and the Co-Host of the Sabin Vaccine Institute Podcast.

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Vince is well experienced in Vaccine and immunisation sensitization. Over the years, he has helped companies like the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, IntraHealth International and Global Health Council in their outreach in advocating the importance of Immunization.

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Vince hosts genuine conversations with Sabin Vaccine Institute podcast guests, which reveal challenges health workers are facing, how the struggle to improve the vaccine acceptance rate has been going, and the strategies that the world health bodies have put in place to tackle these situations.

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Ask me

  • 1

    Why is Vaccine acceptance a challenge in rural communities?

  • 2

    How to educate and sensitive people in rural communities on Immunization?

  • 3

    What are the challenges that healthcare workers face when on vaccine sensitization?

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