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Toni Heavey
“The best way to get your foot in the door is by spending more time with the commercial leaders in your business”

Toni Heavey is the Head of RevOps at Ebsta and is also one of the hosts of the Ebsta podcast. Prior to her career in revenue operations, she was a Sales Development Rep. (SDR) and Head of the Sales Department at Reward Getaway.

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Toni has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photorealism from Coventry University, and studied Empathy/Consultative Sales, Needs Analysis at Arden University. She possesses the exceptional skill of leading and prospering in difficult and sometimes ambiguous situations.

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Her peers describe Toni as a modest leader with ambitious goals who is eager to learn and explore new horizons. She has immense determination for her work and a thorough understanding of every aspect related to the sales and revenue development process. Check out this special episode where Toni and Alex Freeman discuss some highlights from the previous 198 episodes, what it takes to transition from sales to RevOps, and the future of RevOps:

<iframe id="bCastiFrmr87w6118" src="https://player.bcast.fm/sales-ops-demystified/r87w6118-special-episode-200-episodes-legacy-and-transition-from-sales-ops-to-revops-with-toni-heavy-head-of-revops-at-ebsta-and-alex-freeman-host-at-sales-ops-demystified" frameborder="0" height="180"  seamless="true" style="width:100%;height:180px;" width="100%"></iframe>

Ask me

  • 1

    What is the difference between SalesOps and RevOps?

  • 2

    Should you have prior sales experience for transitioning into RevOps?

  • 3

    What challenges hinder transitioning into RevOps?

  • 4

    What is the future of RevOps?

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