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Podcast Host

Shannon Susko

Host @ Tip Top - Grow your business with Metronomics

"It's important to turn off. It's important to relax. It's important to reset. Take the vacation, turn the notifications off, and remember that you're HUMAN".

Shannon Byrne Susko has spent over 25 years building, iterating, and innovating what we now know as Metronomics, a system utilized by hundreds of coaches and thousands of companies of all sizes worldwide.

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Metronomics is the "silver bullet" that will grow up your company and get you there with speed, ease, and confidence.

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Shannon is also the author of bestselling business books 3HAG WAY (2018) and The Metronome Effect (2014). She is the founder and CEO of Metronome United, a community of more than 50 global coaches who use the Metronomics system daily to create a lasting impact on their clients, teams, and communities.

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Ask me

What are the changing needs of your core customers?

What is the importance of language in an organization?

What is the Metronome growth system software?

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