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Podcast Host

Patrick Cournoyer

Host @ Be More - a podcast by Peakon

If people love coming to work each day, a business will naturally thrive.

Patrick is the Chief Evangelist at Peakon and the host of Be More, a podcast by Peakon. Each week, Patrick interviews a thought leader in the world of HR to educate a growing audience of people leaders on how to build more effective teams:

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As Chief Evangelist at Peakon, Patrick travels the world speaking about the transformative power of the tool. His passion is to inspire thought and action within the global HR community.

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Patrick is a regular guest on podcasts and webinars in the leadership and HR space:

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Ask me

The top HR trends impacting your employees today

How to be a vulnerable leader

Why trust is crucial to build and maintain when leading people

How to better listen and respond to the needs of your employees

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