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Podcast Host

Lauren DeSouza

Sales & Partnership Executive @ Gameball

“Entrepreneurship is simply creating something out of nothing or creating opportunities where there may have been a lack.”

Lauren is an alumnus of the 2020 cohort of Next 36. She is the Co-founder & CEO at Ace, an interview preparation platform in which they’re building confidence in interviewing and communication.

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Lauren is extremely passionate about leveraging tech in education, creating opportunities for others, and finding unconventional paths to increase someone’s chance of success. 

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Lauren is also a Wilfrid Laurier alumni who love the KW startup ecosystem. Her area of expertise is recruiting, sales, and all things Next 36!

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Ask me

What does Next 36 mean to you?

How can founders maintain a positive mentality and stay resilient?

What are the challenges of launching a product-based business?

How did you find your Co-founder?

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