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Bryan Moore
“The ETF landscape is constantly changing and evolving. In the U.S., the industry has now grown into a $6T+ market. Not only are total assets growing, but the number of ETFs has exploded as well.”

Bryan Moore is an ETF Markets Expert at Harbor Capital Advisors, an Investment and Wealth Management company driven to provide access to the best managers and products available across the globe.

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Bryan is a U.S. Army Veteran with a deep understanding of domestic and global financial markets. Twenty-plus years of Business and Portfolio Development, Research, Sales, and Trading experience across ETFs and various other Derivative Instruments such as Index and Equity Options, Futures, and Swaps.

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Bryan is the host of the Active Advisor podcast, where he chats with some of the brightest minds in the business to bring you valuable insights on practice management and investment research that works for advisors and their clients.

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Ask me

  • 1

    Is active asset management better than a passive approach?

  • 2

    What are the three key business skills that all advisors should have?

  • 3

    What should be my investment strategy in a volatile market?

  • 4

    Is a 60/40 portfolio a classic or a relic?

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