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Owning A Niche with Document360


Relationships developed


Of highly targeted downloads

Document360 are a high growth B2B SaaS business in the technical writing and documentation space. Their product enables organisations to effective document both internally and externally.

Document360 came to Fame to start to bring wider exposure to the Document360 brand within the knowledgebase, technical writing and documentation space.

We quickly decided on a name, the visual identity and then the host, Gowri Ramkumar, Document360's Customer Relationship Manager started interviewing big names in the niche... Tom Johnson of the I'd Rather Be Writing blog and Senior Technical Writer at Amazon for example:

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Over the following twelve months, we proceeded to interview thought leaders in the field from the biggest and best businesses in the world, sharing their technical writing and documentation lessons with our growing audience. We even helped Document360 set up a Facebook Community of the same name to allow the audience to interact.

Since Document360 started working with Fame, they have built relationships with 76 thought leaders and influencers in the documentation and technical writing space whilst also enjoying thousands of downloads and even more targeted impressions in their narrow niche.

Right now, approximately 30% of the podcast investment is covered by monthly recurring revenue from customers generated from guests of the show... we're aiming for 100%!

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It's looking amazing and I can see that all of a sudden we look like thought leaders in the field!

Saravana Kumar


B2B Podcasting
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