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Inspiring Entrepreneurs with Honey I Blew Up The Business


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Dan Kirby is a character... he has been through a roller-coaster of an emotional journey with his UK based business: The Tech Dept.

To give back, Dan wanted to start sharing his story, along with the story of other top entrepreneurs in a new podcast called: Honey I Blew Up The Business. Each episode features an interview with an experienced an open entrepreneur where Dan will proceed to dig into their failures, how they bounced back and why they have been successful.

Check out Dan's story here:

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The Fame team jumped into the process after the first few episodes had been recorded and the name and position of the show had been defined. We proceeded to complete the visual and audio design of the show and prepare for the launch.

On the big day, the launch team sprung into action... through leveraging Dan's and The Tech Dept's existing audience, along with a few other strategies, we managed to reach #2 in the Entrepreneurship charts in Apple Podcasts in the UK (#1 in Ireland!), registering thousands of downloads and in the process, inspiring many entrepreneurs.

We now have set our sights on becoming the #1 entrepreneurship podcast in the UK... and then the rest of the world ;)

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These guys have helped me take my raw idea and turn it into a living breathing podcast, saving me a lot of weekly hassle. The Fame team allow me to do a great podcast while focusing on my business.


Founder, The Tech Dept

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