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Creating A Category with SyncSpider


Relationships built


High quality backlinks generated

Syncspider is an industry leading SaaS product that helps eCommerce business automate tasks within their business. We decided to create a new category for the show: eCommerce Operations: "for the unsung operational heroes out there grinding away in spreadsheets and storerooms... this podcast is for you".

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We took a hybrid approach to guest selection with The eCom Ops Podcast. Approximately 50% of guests are eCommerce practitioners and the other half are eCommerce software and service providers. This ensures that SyncSpider and the podcast host Norbert can build relationships with both potential customers and potential integration partners at the same.

Another hidden benefit of the B2B podcast is backlinks given back to you from your guests... here is an example where a podcast guest has also posted the content on their own blog and linked back to the SyncSpider website.

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I was surprised about the good launch! Great service, great feedback, great interview questions and good guide. Perfect music and voice over, very professional

Aleksander Stanisic


B2B Podcasting
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