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Changing the Dynamics of Influencer Marketing with Phyllo


Increase in download numbers from month 1 to month 2

Top 10

In the “Influencer Marketing” category on Apple Podcast

Phyllo builds the underlying infrastructure that connects with every creator platform, maintains a live data feed to the systems used by these platforms to manage creators’ data, and provides a normalised data set so that businesses can use creators’ data in a simple yet impactful way.

There’s a lot of talk going on around influencer marketing, and we wanted to dominate the conversation. So we created IMpulse - The Influencer Marketing podcast. On the show, we speak to high-profile guests; CEOs of influencer marketing agencies, brand managers and C-level executives in tech-enabled companies to share stories and advice that help shape the future of influencer marketing as we currently know it.

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IMpulse - The Influencer Marketing podcast has seen outstanding growth in the months since its launch, experiencing a 73% increase in download numbers from month 1 to month 2. The client has also gotten a good ROI from the podcast, securing new business just on the 4th episode of the show.

To continue to advance Phyllo’s brand, we will continue to leverage social media and other channels, booking top-level guests on the show, and exploring the most interesting topics within the space.

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John doe
Podcast manager

We work with Tom Hunt and his team at Fame - highly recommend.

David Spinks
Founder of CMX

“The team has been great, and we would love this partnership to continue for a very long time!”

Sai Sandesh
Sai Sandesh

“The team has been great, and we would love this partnership to continue for a very long time!”

Sai Sandesh
Sai Sandesh

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