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Becoming More with Peakon


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Peakon are an employee success platform that believe: work should work for people.

We worked with Peakon to start and grow: Be More - a podcast by Peakon that explores how the working world is changing through in depth discussions with people leaders from around the world.

Here's the trailer:

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Each episode focusses on a topic relevant to employees at all stages of their career, from remote work, to vulnerable leadership to having more productive meetings.

Here's an example of one of those episodes with Larissa Conte, founder of Wayfinding:

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Tom, you and the team are awesome. I really enjoy working with you, you are a key to our success with the Peakon podcast and I really trust you. I would highly recommend you to other companies and look forward to many seasons ahead :)

Patrick Cournoyer

Chief Evangelist, Peakon

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