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B2B Podcasting & How It Can Help You Grow

We run a very specific B2B podcast growth process for businesses looking to build authority and relationships with a specific niche... whilst developing a shed load of hyper targeted content.

Global & remote

We speak thirteen languages

Single purpose

We only do one thing: B2B podcasts

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We live and breathe growth




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A growth focused team of global, audio and B2B marketing ninjas. We...

  • Are fully remote
  • Built our own podcast hosting software: bCast
  • Speak 13 languages
  • Collectively responsible for million's of podcast downloads
  • Start and grow B2B podcasts for eighteen businesses around the world



Tom and the team are on top of their game. Always willing to listen and come up with suggestions to improve the podcast, the audience and the reach.

Greg Demetriou
CEO @ Lorraine Gregory Communications


Asked Questions

What is B2B podcasting?

B2B podcasting is simply the act of a business creating a podcast with a view for its listeners and subscribers to also work within a business. Business A may start a podcast because it wants to help a specific type of person within Businesses B to Z.

For example, Ebsta started the Sales Ops Demystified podcast to help educate sales operations professionals in other businesses.

How is B2B podcasting different?

In essence, the podcast and B2B podcasting processes are very similar. You are simply looking to create valuable audio content for a specific type of person with the goal of improving their life. If you do this... you will succeed.

B2B podcasts often have a smaller, more niche focus than normal podcasts.

Why should I start a podcast for my business?

There are multiple benefits to starting a B2B podcast, here are a few:

1. You will build great relationships with guests
2. You will build an intimate relationship with your listeners
3. You will become famous in your niche
4. It will create you a shed load of hyper targeted content in a very cost effective way

This blog post: B2B Podcasting: Does It Deserve Marketing Budget? Dives into this topic in much more detail...

How do you start a B2B podcast?

We will be publishing a full series of blog posts on this... but for now: you need to first choose a specific niche. Once chosen, you then need to research existing podcasts in said niche and work out how you can create something better, funnier, more informative or just simply different.

Your niche doesn't need another "same old" B2B podcast ;)

How do you grow a B2B podcast?

Again, we will produce an extensive guide on this... but for now, growth will come from one of the channels mentioned below. But before you invest in any of these, you MUST ensure your audio content is high production value, remarkable and different.

1. SEO
2. Guest sharing
3. Audio directory search
4. Content syndication
5. Paid reach
6. Promo partnerships

B2B Podcasting
Done Right

If you have a B2B business and want to generate more leads whilst building authority in a specific niche... then we strongly suggest that you click the button to the right, enter your details, and we'll get back to you with a proposal within 48 hours.