Establishing Thought Leadership in Retail Media with Platform195

#1 Ranking
for the term “Retail Media” in the US and UK
2 sales
conversations with guests in 6 months

Platform195 is a Retail Media solutions and marketing agency with decades of experience building media organisations within retailers. They integrate the best media technology and data in the marketplace to power media and marketing for retailers and brands. Their retail media platform, Uplift Ads, scales to accommodate thousands of long-tail suppliers.

Retail Media has gotten some popularity lately, but it’s been around for a while. And our host, Stuart Adamson, has watched the industry bloom into what it now is. This experience is what makes him the perfect host of Retail Media Moguls, a show where we speak to the best and brightest in the Retail Media industry to share insights, stories, advice and predictions on all things retail media.

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Since launching in August, we have seen amazing growth, making it to the number 1 spot for the term “retail media” in both the US and the UK within 3 months of launch! Platform 195 has also initiated sales conversations with 2 guests, creating solid brand relationships with over 12 others.

To continue to establish thought leadership, we will continue to book notable guests, and showcasing Stuart’s expertise in conversations with guests, leveraging social media to further establish dominance in the niche.

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