Investing Integrity

Investing Integrity

by Scholars of Finance

Welcome to Investing In Integrity by Scholars of Finance. SOF is a rapidly growing organization on a mission to inspire character and integrity in the finance leaders of tomorrow. If you’re an investor, finance professional, or student aspiring to make an impact with capital, this podcast is for you. Investing In Integrity is a compilation of conversations and interviews with leading minds in finance that will help you learn how you can make finance a force for good.
Ross Overline
CEO of Scholars of Finance

“The greatest investment we can make is in the integrity of our future financial leaders, paving the way for a world where capital serves the greater good.”

The ‘Investing in Integrity‘ podcast is a captivating exploration of the significance of strong values and morals in the finance industry. With its thought-provoking discussions and expert guests, each episode delves into the impact of ethical decision-making and integrity on financial success. The hosts' engaging storytelling and actionable insights make this podcast a must-listen for professionals seeking to align their financial practices with their personal values. ‘Investing in Integrity‘ sets the bar high for promoting an ethical and responsible approach to finance.
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