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Building sustainably: The Road to Net Zero by RPS Group

Welcome to Building sustainably: The Road to Net Zero, a podcast by RPS. Achieving net zero requires a transformational shift in the way we plan, design, and build. But as the 2050 target edges closer, significant challenges lie ahead. In this podcast series, we aim to tackle the key issues head-on. We’ll explore real-life case studies and provide actionable advice on how to define, design, and manage net zero projects and programmes. In this series, we focus on the decarbonisation challenge facing owners and operators of large property estates. A challenge compounded by ageing infrastructure, limited funding, and competing pressures.

Chris Lavery

Director of Programme Management @ RPS

“The 2050 Net Zero is not just a goal but a journey. And we're all in this together.”

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Really insightful podcast, a must listen.